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Paid to click (PTC) is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home. PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement. Paid to click - Wikipedia!

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From: Robert Abramov
Founder Online Projects and Mentor Master NLP

Date: 2017

Dear Frustrated Internet Marketer,

I invite you to join my Master Class Online "Earn of PTC Industry"!

To learn how you can start making money from PTC Industry its develops and grows every day. The industry broke the world in 2007 and since then millions of people around the world earn money working from anywhere and at any time they choose.

What if I told you that you could skyrocket your traffic, produce more sales than you ever thought possible, all with little work and NO out of pocket expense!

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My PTC Profit Strategy and Tactics!

If you want to make $10,000 per month from PTC industry Like the Screenshots, I have taken this Screenshots in the Forums from Best PTC websites.

Read this thoroughly!!!

Yes, it is true to make $10,000 per month online from PTC sites minimum investing money and time. You just have to follow this method and you can easily make $10,000 per month. I give you full guidance to achieve this target. You have to join the top and trusted PTC sites without wasting time or money on fake or scam PTC sites.
All PTC Website Pays a different payment methods like PayPal, Payeer, Payza, Bitcoin and more.

If you are new to the PTC Industry and did not know about PTC sites, then you can get information here.

To make $10000 per month you have to do registration in 10 PTC sites. There are some things that you have to give attention before registration - Imformation which you fill in the registration process should be correct according to your documents like date of birth and full name. Because this work is 100% legal and needed your correct information. If you use false information then you felt problems in withdrawing your money. This is most important thing is that you have to use only private internet to your laptop or PC if you use any free or public wifi these sites can ban or suspend your account and not connect your private internet to other laptop or PC You can earn $1 from the first day by doing all ads of these PTC sites.

Now I tell you how to reach $10,000 from $1.
NOTE- Read this carefully and understand all the calculation!

Q-1) What are PTC sites?

Ans.:- PTC sites stands for Paid-To-Click sites. If you want to earn a good amount of money from PTC sites, then please do not join all PTC sites because in online world there are many legit/legal PTC sites as well as scam/fraud PTC sites, but don't worry I am going to provide all information of legit/legal PTC sites.
PTC sites are used to make money from online platform. There is no need to invest money to earn money from PTC sites. PTC sites can be operated from your home , work place , etc. PTC sites can be operated on smartphones , PC's, Laptops, etc.

I prefer you to do your work with PC or Laptop only because easy to operate and less time consuming.

PTC sites are not get quick rich schemes, but a path to earn good amount of money from which you can live a good standard of life for lifetime because PTC sites provide earnings for whole life, but for this kind of income you have to work approximately 2 to 5 hours per day. These 2 to 5 hours does not mean that you have to work continuously for 2 to 5 hours, but it means that you have to work totally for 2 to 5 hours per day in small intervals or can do continuously for 2 to 5 hours per day. This process of work is sufficient to earn a good amount of money per month.

NOTE 1 - Friends this is not a boundation on you to work minimum for 2 hours and maximum for 5 hours, but this is a average time of online work. So please keep in your mind that more work means more income and less work means less income. That's why work according to your working capability per day.

Q-2) Why PTC sites pay to their members?
Ans.:- PTC sites pay their members from the advertiser's money to provide Unique visitors to advertiser's product/services. And also pay for surveys/offers and tasks to their members . Anadvertiser can be a company or person who wants to promote their product or services through advertisements at online platform. Hereonline platform is PTC sites and in future each and every product or service should be advertised on these PTC sites. If a member does not get paid then why members work with PTC sites, that's why PTC sites pay to their members forviewing advertisement and other many services such as Offers/surveys , Tasks and Referral's System.

For example - 1). Suppose, If you want to advertise your product/service among 1000000 real person's, then you have to pay $2500( very low as compared to other online platform's ) to the PTC site in which $2000 is used to promote your advertise among 1000000 real person's by paying them and $500 is a small Profit for a PTC site. The profit of $500 for PTC site is not hidden, but a amount you agreed to pay for showing your advertisement.

2). Suppose, If you do 5 offers/surveys + 20 tasks from which you can easily make $ 1.75 per day, but a PTC site makes a small profit of $0.75 from 5 survey + 20 task from Survey and task companies.

This is the functioning of PTC sites. I think , you understand it very well because you are an intelligent person reading this post to make money from the smart way of earnings come into the mind of an intelligent person only.

Now, How Earn Money from PTC Websites?

There are 5 methods to earn money from PTC sites.

1) Viewing Advertisements.

2) Offers / Surveys.

3) Performing Tasks.

4) Upgrade Membership.

5) Affiliate & Referral Systems.

NOTE - Before this explanation please keep in your mind that, I am giving explanation according to 10 legit/legal PTC sites. So don't be panic/worried about this work because join required number of PTC sites among these 10 PTC sites according to your working capability. Again more PTC sites means more income and less PTC sites means less income. So join required number of PTC sites according to your need of money as you wish to earn from online work.
Let's take a look at explanation.

1) Viewing Advertisements-This method is very important among all the PTC sites. According to this method you are able to earn money from these 10 PTC sites by simply viewing advertisements. Suppose you are viewing advertisements averagely of $0.50 per day from one PTC site and you are working with 10 PTC sites which means you are able to earn $0.50 x 10 = $5.00 per day from 10 PTC sites. The work of this method with 10 PTC sites must be done within 1 hours per day withot BuxEngener System.
NOTE- this 1 way earn from ptc site without investing money.

2) Offers/surveys- This method is also used mostly among all PTC sites. If anybody want to grow his/her work with these PTC sites in less time , then they can use this method by doing offers and surveys on these PTC sites.
For example - If you are averagely doing 5 offers/surveys from these PTC sites per day,then you can be able to earn 5 x $0.15 = $0.75 per day which helps you to grow your work with these PTC sites in less time. And you can easily do more than 5 offers/surveys also as I mentioned above more work means more income. 

3) Performing Tasks- This method is also used among few PTC sites. If you want to work little bit extra with these PTC sites to make your work and time count in terms of money, then it can be a good option.
For example- If you are doing averagely 20 tasks per day from these PTC sites, then you can be able to earn $0.05 x 20 = $1 per day from these PTC sites. This work of task is upon you means more tasks means more income. Tasks are helpful to grow your work with these PTC sites.

4) Upgrade Membership- Every PTC website, have different types of Membership. All PTC website provides various types of Membership, It does not matter how each defines or what name it is called, the most important thing when you upgrade your membership PTC website you get much more profit money.

NOTE- Before understanding Affiliate & Referral Systems, I want you to understand that Affiliate & Referral Systems is very important to earn a good amount of money from these PTC sites. So please understand Affiliate & Referral Systems very well to make a lot money, But don't forget above mentioned 4 methods because these 4 methods are base of PTC work and keep in mind that these 4 methods must be used to grow your work in PTC sites and also give pace to your Affiliate & Referral Systems.

5) Affiliate & Referral Systems- As you know that this is a very important method to earn a good amount of money from these PTC sites. To understand this system you have to gain a practical knowledge while working with these PTC sites.
Affiliate & Referral systems means a way of profit in PTC sites. This is very useful method to earn a lot money from PTC sites.

Affiliate system- give your grove in pasive profit, must be simple way. Each PTC site has Affiliate system and each site pays you for every Dollar ($) entry of persons registered site beneath you, percent throughout the period of your membership.
Think about it, only from the Affiliate system you can earn a lot of money, in all these PTC website there is area called "Banners" or "Affiliate program". There you will find a Aff/Ref link, banners and all advertising materials for the PTC website.

Referral system- Working in 2 way: Direct Referrals and Rented Referrals. If you dont know how get referrals from internet, dont worry, all PTC website give buy Direct & Rented referrals from him system (but here you need investing money).
If you have 500 Rented Referrals then your averagely profit from one PTC site can be $20 to $40 per month from one PTC website.
It means averagely you make $30 x 10 = $300 Per month from these 10 PTC sites.
This post contains all necessary information and strategies relating to Referral System of each and every PTC site.

If you know building website it very easy today from systems like WordPress, Blogger and more and build page like this page and send traffic to this page.

If You dont know how build website and create traffic, I Help You!
I give you Page like this and 600,000 real 100% human visitors in your page for 100$ and i teach you how create traffic to your website. You get All you need to earn money of PTC Industry here from 100$ and this working for you Unlimited Time.

NOTE- You can easily make $300 per month approximately within 1 year and in future it can be $10,000 per month only if you strictly work according to strategies as mentioned in this post because many people make their own strategies to work with these PTC sites and face failure due to which they leave PTC sites, but this post contains all important strategies for these PTC sites which are mentioned above to make a good amount of money to live a good standard of life and fulfill all necessary needs/wants of his/her life.

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NOTE- You cane signup in many PTC website after learning how this Industry working, after 1-2 month you can working of 20-30 PTC website.

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Now After You SignUp to all the Best PTC websites,
you need working in all 5 methods I tell you here and working to get traffic for Referrals and Advertisers.

I give you here, many way to get quick and quality traffic, from many sources.

1. Safe Lists- write in Google search -free safelist- and signup in big website who give this service.

SafeLists- Send emails to Millions People

2. Paid to Signups- websites I give you many sources when I buy referrals.

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Banner Advertising Service - Referralbooster

NOTE- You cane buy signups from PTC website. View This Video below How Advertise in PTC website and paid to signups

3. Free Step-By-Step Training On How To Get Traffic: Click Here

4. Get Traffic from is started to give a chance to show your sites to Millions of People in the PTC world.

5. All sources I get FREE or Payment best traffic.

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6. Of course Do not forget use social media, which you have already registered.


Now You Learn My Strategy and Tactics.

Now you start to make money, as much as you want!


Enjoy from your profit online,


Robert Abramov

Founder Isranet Marketing
University Profit Online
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